Professor Rina Lapidus
Bar Ilan University

Russian Influences on Hebrew Literature: 1870 - 1970, 2004, (Russian)

Russian Influences on Hebrew Literature, Moscow: Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation, 2004 (Russian). A translated, annotated, and extended edition of Between Snow and Desert Heat - Russian Influences on Hebrew Literature: 1870 - 1970 (2003, English). The Russian edition includes two additional chapters. The first chapter is an introduction to the Hebrew literature, placing especial emphasis on the role and literary activities of the Russian-born Hebrew authors. The second is an elaborate and detailed theoretical overview of approaches to the research of influences in different literatures, disciplines and cultures.

Рина Лапидус, Русские влияния на ивритскую литературу в период между 1870-1970 годами.

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